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THE OLD BARN HALL is a great venue for a variety of events from Stage Shows, Weddings, Christening, Funerals ,Exhibitions, Presentations,Childrens Parties, Quiz Evenings,Special Birthdays and so much more.
We offer three well maintained Halls , all of which can be booked independently .
* All Halls: Can be provided with customised setting up of tables and chairs prior to a meeting and clearing afterwards. Wi Fi . Loop system for the hard of hearing.White/black boards and easels, digital projector, stand,screen and staging. Wine glasses to hire on request. All the halls have an alcohol licence and both PRS and PPL music licences for live and recorded music.
* The Main Hall : Accommodates up to 220. Theatre seating apron 175. Table seating approx 140. Kitchen with fully fitted kitchen. Sprung Dance floor. Sound system with roving microphones. A fully equipped stage with a modern lighting system. A retractable 4mx3m projection screen. A high level fixed digital projector. A piano in the hall and grand piano on the stage.

* The Harrison Room : Accommodates up to 100. Table seating 80. Kitchen with hot water urn, cooker, sink and crockery.

* The Waterfield Room: Accommodates 36. Hot water urn, refrigerator, cups and saucers. A projection screen. A serving hatch to the main hall.

                          Hiring Costs for the Halls for Non - Affiliated Members & Affiliated Members

* The Main Hall :                                                             

* The Harrison Room :
* The Waterfield Room :                                         
Morning Times :                           9.00am - 12.00noon
Afternoon Times:                         1.30pm - 5.30pm
Evening Monday - Thursday :       6.30pm - 11.00pm
Evening Friday - Saturday:           6.30pm - 11.45pm

Hall Booking Fees from 1st January - 31st December 2024
Car parking for up to 40 cars for The Main Hall and Waterfield Room and 15 for The Harrison Room. The Hall has 2 designated disabled car parking spaces : wheelchair access : disabled toilets.

The Old Barn Hall Office is open on Monday,Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.30am - 12noon. For full details of the facilities available in each hall or to book The Barn Hall please contact our Hall Manager Roger Musgrave on 01372 456307/ 07731 451483 or email

Sun / Fri am

Sun / Fri Afternoon

Mon / Thurs pm

Fri pm

Sat am

Sat Afternoon

Sat pm

Sun / Sat am

Sun / Sat Afternoon

Mon / Fri pm

Sat pm

Any single session

























The Old Barn Hall, Church Rd, Bookham , KT 23 3 PQ

NEW On-line booking system

New on-line Booking System for the Old Barn Hall - Hallmaster

We have a new on-line booking system which makes it easy for anyone to check availability in any of our three halls or to find the date of a particular booking. Just click on the link below to take you to our bookings.

You can check hall availability, or an existing booking, without registering but if you wish to make or change a booking you will need to register. This is very easy, and the form will come up when you click on the + sign on your chosen date. The booking you make will show as provisional.

Roger, our Halls Manager, will then confirm or reject the provisional booking. You will be notified of his decision.


A provisional booking will show on the web site but without details of who made the booking. Once the booking is approved it will normally show the organisation or person organising the event if it is open to members or to the public. If not, it will show as a ‘Private Event’ 


Where an organisation has a regular time every week or every month Roger will create provisional bookings into the distant future. If anyone wished to use one of those times, then Roger would only override the provisional booking after discussion with the regular user. This is already done with our paper system.

We hope that this will make it easier both to book the halls and to see which hall an event is using if you are unsure.  Roger will still be happy to take bookings at the office or by telephone.

Click for Bookings.


All positive comments from my friends who came as to the main hall being an ideal venue for a Barn Dance.


50th Birthday Party : Main Hall

Great venue, and liked that the caretaker was on hand and helpful. Liked not having the responsibility for unlocking and locking up too.


Childs Birthday Party : Main Hall & Wakefield Room

It fulfilled all our exceptions, we were delighted. Great to have parking outside the room used for all our instruments!


Music Worksohp : Harrison Room

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Booking Fees The Old Barn Hall for 2023

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Click for Bookings.


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